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What is Net Neutrtality?

Posted on : 2015-04-16 By : ShreeSoftech

the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.
When the internet started to take off in 1980s and 1990s, there were no specific rules that asked that internet service providers (ISPs) should follow the same principle. But, mostly because telecom operators were also ISPs, they adhered to the same principle. This principle is known as net neutrality. An ISP does not control the traffic that passes its servers. When a web user connects to a website or web service, he or she gets the same speed. Data rate for Youtube videos and Facebook photos is theoretically same. Users can access any legal website or web service without any interference from an ISP.

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Moving from Scratch to the FrameWork : Towards a professionalism

Posted on : 2015-04-03 By : ShreeSoftech

Hello, Everyone. It feels good with working in raw PHP scripting language but for a limited time of amount until you have not got enough of the scratch programming.
Well, As a beginner you can not directly jump to the framework, before this you must have an adequate knowledge of core programming. When you're done with it ,you're than ready to move to the framework.

Now, You will have several questions on your mind spinning. Don't worry your every question will be answered as soon as you complete this :)

First of Let's Understand, What is a FrameWork? and Why to use

I'm not going to COPY and PASTE the answer here! Rather i'd simplify it in my own words.
Framework is a bunch of ready to use functionality of the core programming language which are most often used in several applications, say for instance, Pagination, File Manipulation, Form Validation and so on. Framework eases all such kind of works with predefined functions in several libraries.
Using this in our web applications will reduce the time of development, amount of coding and also increase the scalability and security. Hope This will answer your question about why to use it.

Choosing a Right FrameWork for our application?

Presently, There are several Frameworks available for PHP Scripting language on internet today. Most of them are proficient in their own way. It totally depends on your application and fluency on it. I would like to mention one or more Frameworks here :

1.Laravel 2.CodeIgniter 3.cakePHP 4.Symfony 5.Zend Framework 6.Phalcon 7.Yii 8.Aura 9.Fat-Free 10.PHP-MVC and lot more..

Most of the framewroks mentioned above supports the MVC Architectural development pattern which is the greatest benefit of using a framework for your application. This will hide the underlying structure of the application from the end users of the application and provides the flexibility.
MVC is the abbreviation of the Model, View, Controller. Here
Model :
The Model is the name given to the permanent storage of the data used in the overall design. It must allow access for the data to be viewed, or collected and written to, and is the bridge between the View component and the Controller component in the overall pattern.
View :
The View is where data, requested from the Model, is viewed and its final output is determined. Traditionally in web apps built using MVC, the View is the part of the system where the HTML is generated and displayed. The View also ignites reactions from the user, who then goes on to interact with the Controller. The basic example of this is a button generated by a View, which a user clicks and triggers an action in the Controller.
Controller :
The final component of the triad is the Controller. Its job is to handle data that the user inputs or submits, and update the Model accordingly. The Controllerís life blood is the user; without user interactions, the Controller has no purpose. It is the only part of the pattern the user should be interacting with.

MVC is a really good way to begin producing clean, scalable, powerful, fast code in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. Some MVC frameworks do not contain all of these features, most contain one or two. My advice is experiment with a few MVC frameworks and find one that works for you.


There are many PHP frameworks available today, and thus developers are sure to find a framework that fits there needs in terms of features, support, speed, scalability and more. Some of the top PHP frameworks used by developers today include: Laravel, Codelgniter, The Zend Framework, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii and lot more.


Posted on : 2014-11-27 By : ShreeSoftech

<html> Quality Score reported for every keyword in your account is an estimate of the quality of your ads and getting pages caused by that key phrase. Having a top quality Score indicates that our systems think your ad and landing web page matter and useful to somebody checking out your Ad. You can find out your Quality Score for any one of your keywords. Many of Points Every AdWords,Internet marketer shad to discover Quality Rating.

1. Quality Rating

Your Quality Rating is like a careful light in a car's engine that demonstrates how healthy and balanced your ads and crucial expressions are. It's not indicated to be specified stats that ought to be the emphasis of account administration.

2. Focus your campaigns on high-value areas

Making sure with your quality optimization initiatives allow you to maximize effect - do not lose time on points you could not change or optimizations with very little advantage.You could measure the total conversion worth generated by your project conversions. This additionally helps you track your campaigns' ROI by using the "Conversion value or Conversion cost" column.

Smarter bidding process: Once you established conversion worth's, you can utilize the target return on advertisement invest versatile proposal method. Versatile proposal techniques automatically established quotes to enhance for your performance objectives throughout specificad teams, keywords and projects.

3. Focus on the advertisement's quality

They are anticipated CTR acquiring web page experience and ads value.Talking normally, when those 3 parts aren't operating well, you may want to take the below tasks to improve them. The real-time assessments of these three components are made use of in the ad auction; while you're Quality Score it is not.
Each keyword obtains a Quality Score on a level from 1 to 10, where 1 is the most affordable score and 10 is the highest. Keep in mind that Quality Score is planned to provide you a general sense of the quality of your advertisements, but it doesn't consider any kind of auction-time elements, such as an individual's actual search terms, type of gadget, language inclination, area, or the time of day.
Similarly, the elements of Quality Score that you view in your account- expected click through rate (CTR), ad significance, and getting page encounter, each with a descriptive estimation such as "typical" or "above average", also don't take into consideration auction time elements.

4. Comprehend what does and does not matter

As an alternative, each time one of your ads contends in the auction, AdWords determines real-time sizes of expected CTR, advertisement significance, and getting web page encounter that, together with your proposal and other aspects, make a score called Advertisement Rank.
It's this auction-time Ad Ranking - Not the Quality Score approximates you see in your account that identifies where your advertisement appears on the web page or whether it shows up in any way. Doing this will definitely keep you concentrated on significant optimizations that will definitely improve promotions quality.

Wind Up

Maintaining Quality Score is important in today's toughest competitive world. So, prepare your SEO strategy with the help of guaranteed SEO Services provider in India, Softqube Technologies to be up to the mark thus avoiding yourself from penalties.

Ajax Development with PHP for Beginners

Posted on : 2014-11-26 By : ShreeSoftech

The common use of Ajax in web development has created a dynamic yet fluid Internet. Designers often build mockups which incorporate Ajax-based elements such as lazy loaders, tabbed widgets, and other similar page elements.
In this tutorial I want to delve into a basic example of handling Ajax development with PHP on the backend. Normally you would connect this into a database using an engine like MySQL, but for this tutorial I want to focus on handling the response from PHP, and how you can use this response to append new content onto the page.

Starting with jQuery Ajax

When coding in standard JavaScript we are stuck using a method called XMLHttpRequest. The jQuery Ajax method is a more simplified way of handling this HTTP request, and you have a large index of documentation explaining each of the various options. I'll be demonstrating two different styles of handling Ajax requests using different return values from PHP.
First I've created a new page, index.html, along with a related stylesheet. I won't go over these codes so if you're interested just download the project source. I also downloaded a local copy of jQuery along with a blank JavaScript file named ajax.js.
In the download you'll find the sample code for Simple Twitter Like Follow button which will dynamically Add +1 follower by using AJAX/PHP.

Many social networks like Twitter and Pinterest use Ajax to auto-update the page once you follow a new profile. This would obviously require connecting into a database for any live application, but for this example we can write the PHP as if we already connected into the database. First let's take a peek at the JS codes provided in the sample source code.
Once the button is clicked we need to call e.preventDefault to stop the href value from loading a hash symbol into the address bar. Then I'm using .fadeOut() on the button to remove it from the page so that a user doesn't try clicking twice. You will notice the Ajax request has a lot of different options - certainly not the whole catalog but enough to get us going. I'll break them down individually so you can understand how the Ajax call works.

  • url - the external URL to which we are sending the request. In this case I've organized all my Ajax PHP scripts into a folder and this one calls ajax-follow.php.
  • type - the request method, POST or GET.
  • data - what content are we passing to the PHP file? It should be organized like a JSON string with key:value pairs. So in PHP we can get the 'action' value by using $_POST['action'].
  • success - if the Ajax request runs successfully then we either call a separate function or write the callback inline. I usually write the function right within Ajax because it's often much easier.
  • error - if the Ajax request fails, or somehow gets an error in the response, this alternative function is triggered. Usually helpful when debugging issues between JS and PHP.

I've structured this call so it could work for any simple common action we need to take. The 'action' found in our data string could be anything including unfollow, block, send a friend request, etc. The 'userid' is just made-up for my example but you'll need this to be accurate when updating info in a database.
So now inside ajax-follow.php we can see a very simple block of logic which checks for the action parameter. If we have it set to 'follow' then we could run some code that connects into the database and creates a new following relationship from the logged-in user and the current profile. At the end if it all works then we can return any value - I've chosen a string 'ok'.
If you look back in the Ajax code you'll see we run a logic check for if(data == "ok"). We only want to update the page with a success message if PHP has created the follow relationship. You might also notice we can update the number of followers on the page using a JavaScript method parseInt().


Ajax / PHP or AJAX/any server scripting language helps us create a fully dynamic and optimized web applications which will reduce the burden of loading the whole page and helps us utilizes the bandwidth.